Our History

Andrew Bursky and Tim Fazio started Atlas Holdings in 2002 with the purchase of a small paper mill in rural Indiana that employed 85 people. Since then, their strategy hasn’t changed much but the team of investment professionals and operating partners with whom they work has grown significantly in terms of capacity and capability. Today, Atlas and its affiliates own 25 companies that employ approximately 50,000 people in 350 manufacturing and distribution facilities across the globe.

Andy and Tim didn’t start with a grand vision to create a diversified company of this scale.

They started with a simple premise: if they remained disciplined with regard to valuation and sectors of expertise; if they built and sustained a culture of respect for the individual, integrity and performance excellence; and, if they could, make each individual acquisition a success that over time, “brick by brick,” they could build a strong and sustainable business where each acquired business would be added to a strong foundation.

paper mill

Atlas focuses on control investments in companies experiencing financial or operational stress, benefiting from Atlas’ ability to execute complex financial transactions, resolve enterprise challenges and systematically deliver exceptional operational and financial performance. Atlas has been an active acquirer of underperforming or discontinued operations from corporate sellers and has acquired businesses through bankruptcy purchases, out-of-court restructurings and reorganizations. Atlas will continue to pursue these strategies, with a particular focus on industrial sectors in which it has substantial operating experience.