Transforming Businesses into Performance Organizations
Atlas Holdings is a diversified group of 22 manufacturing and distribution businesses with more than 25,000 associates around the world.
Operating a newly-constructed North American plywood mill
Alberta-based manufacturer of speciality, high-yield pulp and lumber
Environmentally-sound natural-gas fired power generator
Manufacturer of absorbent pads and expanded polystyrene foam trays for food processors
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Our Companies Span the Globe

Stories from Across Atlas

Weaving Strong Connections at Iconex

“Iconex is dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusion. Innovation, ingenuity and progress are possible when people from all walks of life, with varying backgrounds, experiences and expertise come together. We can’t, and don’t expect to solve the world’s problems; but we will do our part to make things better.”

– Craig Gunckel, Chief Executive Officer, Iconex

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