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Values & Principles

Only by engaging the hearts and minds of 100% of our people 100% of the time can we fully achieve our goals. The constraints of inadequate leadership, unclear mission, ineffective communication, misaligned interests and lack of mutual respect are the moral and commercial hazards to our success.

Our objective is to work together with our management partners and associates to build great businesses that consistently outperform their peers; we call these Performance Organizations. Our goal is that each of our constituencies – associates, customers, investors and the communities in which we operate – are respected and enriched through their engagement with us.

Leadership Spotlight


Harold Sexton

One of the unique parts of Atlas is that we not only seek to add the very best talent to our companies; we also embrace the remarkable and dedicated professionals who join our ranks during an acquisition. We have met thousands of these individuals, men and women whose quiet, steady contribution allows for a smooth transition of ownership— and then helps spearhead the journey toward becoming a Performance Organization.

Harold Sexton is one such leader. Harold Sexton Greenidge

Harold is the Maintenance and Operations Manager at Greenidge Generation in Dresden, New York, which Atlas acquired in 2014. Harold has been with the company and its predecessor companies since 1980. During his career, he has led several multimillion dollar projects, several hundred maintenance and operation personnel and thousands of contractors. He was one of the chief architects in the Greenidge repowering and pipeline project that returned Greenidge to operational status in 2017, restoring several jobs and needed tax income for the local schools and government. His personal and professional contributions have had an enormous effect on the plant and community.

Harold has always demonstrated that he can get the job done throughout his career— but to those with whom he works, it is how he does it that stands out. Harold is a leader in the truest of terms; he brings together people from different companies, trades, backgrounds, education and experience levels and creates a cohesive team to accomplish the job, safely and professionally. He is a communicator, knows his profession and exercises his authority lightly, but not his responsibility. Harold gets immense respect because he gives it to others.

As Greenidge President Dale Irwin, who has worked with Harold for well over a decade, said recently, “There are so many things he does each day that have a resounding effect upon our plant. Harold’s willingness to try new operational techniques and how he can nudge all of us here to expand the plant’s capabilities and our own is remarkable. We all trust and appreciate his wealth of knowledge, hard work and dedication. He never needs to use his formal authority as a trump card because of the great respect everybody has for him personally. Without question, Greenidge would not be experiencing the world class results in operation and safety without his leadership and mentorship. He leads by example and has been the advisor for all. He defines our profession.”

While Harold is affectionately known to the Greenidge Operations Group as “Father Time,” he has no plans to leave the plant anytime soon. And that’s good news, as Harold embodies everything that Greenidge—and Atlas— is all about. Thank you, Harold, for your enormous contribution to our organization.