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Values & Principles

Only by engaging the hearts and minds of 100% of our people 100% of the time can we fully achieve our goals. The constraints of inadequate leadership, unclear mission, ineffective communication, misaligned interests and lack of mutual respect are the moral and commercial hazards to our success.

Our objective is to work together with our management partners and associates to build great businesses that consistently outperform their peers; we call these Performance Organizations. Our goal is that each of our constituencies – associates, customers, investors and the communities in which we operate – are respected and enriched through their engagement with us.

Leadership Spotlight: Patty Burkland & Angie Marlowe

Atlas is fortunate that so many of our associates make extraordinary contributions beyond the value they bring in their day to day job function.  These leaders, whose names are often not known beyond their company, make an outsized impact in creating the Atlas Family we have today.  By creating initiatives that better their company, they enhance their workplace and the communities they serve.  We wish we could recognize them all; since we cannot, we choose here to highlight individuals whose contribution stands as a symbol of this core Atlas value.

On occasion, our leader’s vision becomes a cause their  whole company can get behind.  Patty Burkland and Angie Marlowe have started just that type of project in Louisville, Mississippi.

“Women of Winston” (WOW) is the brainchild of Patty, Winston’s Chief Financial Officer, designed to increase engagement and foster a greater sense of camaraderie at Winston Plywood & Veneer.  What began as an idea has been brought to life by Angie Marlowe, Winston’s Senior  HR Generalist. Together, they officially launched WOW in March of 2018. 

The group currently has 15 members, all women, who have come together voluntarily to enhance the Winston experience and opportunities for women in the mill.

WOW is aimed at helping women to succeed in their professional lives by giving them the tools to establish a healthy work/life balance. While the initiative specifically targets Winston’s female workforce, its intention is to improve the quality of life for all team members and to involve everyone employed at the mill in activities that promote unity.

Members of WOW are working to develop videos that focus on health, finance and family-related topics. The group has already negotiated a discounted rate for all Winston team members at a local gym to incentivize health and wellness.  The WOW also provide support for all mill activities such as luncheons, the company picnic, holiday celebrations and community drives, all with the goal of nurturing a welcoming and productive workplace. 

Since its inception, WOW has coordinated a celebration in honor of a record production week for the layup line at the mill, planned the first annual outing, hosted Father’s Day and Mother’s Day events, and represented the company at a community festival.

Patty and Angie have many WOW events in the works, including a seminar on budgeting, a presentation on the power of compounding to educate Winston employees on the value of participating in the 401K plan, and a drug awareness presentation in conjunction with the City of Louisville’s Chief of Police.

Patty and Angie see great things ahead for the Women of Winston – and we cannot thank them enough for their dedication.  These leaders saw an opportunity to strengthen the workplace experience for their colleagues and have put in the work to seize that opportunity.  In so doing, they have made Winston a better place to work – and brought the core values of Atlas to life in a way that will have a lasting impact on their mill and their community.