Values & Principles

Only by engaging the hearts and minds of 100% of our people 100% of the time can we fully achieve our goals. The constraints of inadequate leadership, unclear mission, ineffective communication, misaligned interests and lack of mutual respect are the moral and commercial hazards to our success.

Our objective is to work together with our management partners and associates to build great businesses that consistently outperform their peers; we call these Performance Organizations. Our goal is that each of our constituencies – associates, customers, investors and the communities in which we operate – are respected and enriched through their engagement with us.


  • Operate safely each day, without compromise
  • Win the “War for Talent”
  • Enrich our organizations through diversity and refuse to tolerate any form of discrimination
  • Invest in skills development and training for team members
  • Require accountability and responsibility from all
  • Attract and reward people who embrace our values and achieve our business objectives


  • Expect and provide timely, open, honest and transparent financial reporting
  • Create and deploy Atlas support teams to execute upon Value Creation Plans
  • Communicate business objectives and expectations
  • Engage with and support elected leaders where we work and live


  • We believe challenges are simply opportunities for creative solutions
  • We value and foster non-traditional and contrarian thinking
  • We know that success is not easily achieved; we value persistence in problem solving
  • We recognize and reward innovation


  • Safety means more than simply reportable incident rates; it must be the foundation of each business
  • Customer service and satisfaction is a daily focus
  • Urgency to meet or exceed our business objectives is rewarded
  • Continuous improvement is supported through training, business analytics and incentives
  • Lawful and ethical conduct is demanded, each day, without compromise