Andrew Bursky
Managing Partner
Tim Fazio
Managing Partner
Jacob Hudson
Managing Partner
Sam Astor
David Filippelli
Edward Fletcher
Jerome Lay
Neil Mahajan
Philip Schuch
Michael Sher
Jason Squire
Gregory Blake
Daniel Merriam
Daniel Moran
Michael Riccione
Daniel Gresham
Principal, Operations Support
Anthony Lando
Principal, Talent Management
Michael O’Donnell
Principal, General Counsel and
Chief Compliance Officer
Cheri Reeve
Principal, Chief Financial Officer
Troy Schirk
Principal, Chief Information Officer
Janet O’Neil
Senior Vice President
Zachary Dauber
Vice President
Evelyn Hoffman-Harland
Vice President
Nicholas Liso
Vice President and Controller
Colton Pate
Vice President
Francesca Capotorto
Director of Communications
Jim Isentol
Director, Public Equities
Zoey Powers
Director, Public Affairs
Mariola Ribera
Director of Information Systems
Bryan Roberts
Director of Information Systems
Jason Salute
Tax Director
Tyler Woodhouse
Director, Operations Support
Matthew Delfini
Senior Associate
Alex Froy
Senior Associate
Drew Gardner
Senior Associate
Colin O'Connor
Senior Associate
Matthew Ullman
Senior Associate
Zachary Zagorski
Senior Associate
Todd Adams
Zoe Pinzon
Alexander Reyblat
Lorenzo Setti
Frank Zhu
Alazar Abebe
Jack Akerman
Brittany Banker
Mathieu "MJ" Farber
Casimir Fulleylove-Golob
Andrew Lombardo
Pranavi Vankayala
Maxwell Young
Angeline Shaver
Fund Controller
Darcie Tymon
Fund Controller
Jordan Ayris
Senior Fund Accountant
Karl Joseph
Corporate Controller
Krista Martinelli
Senior Accounts Payable Specialist
Kathleen Dillon
Christina Garceau
Andrew Lishnoff
Sonja Hill
Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Puleo
Administrative Assistant
Michael Aber
Field Associate, Crown Paper Group
Trenton Andreoli
Field Associate, Flagstone Foods
Phil Ashworth
Field Associate, Lakeside Book Company
Jeff Blethen
Field Associate, TOPS Products
Antoine Cazalis de Fondouce
Field Associate, Permasteelisa Group
Brendan Connallon
Field Associate, EQI
Harrison Cummings
Wire Plant Business Unit Manager, International Wire Group
Chris Damschroder
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Marcal
Will Duncan
Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, Iconex
Brian Gleason
Field Associate, Winston Plywood & Veneer
Leana Jonassaint
Field Associate, LSC MCL
Samuel Kinsman
Vice President of Strategy & Transformation, Aludium
Cole Lieberman
Field Associate, LSC MCL
Ryan Loper
Field Associate, Carlex
Joseph Maier
Field Analyst, Foster Farms
Christian Mulvihill
Vice President of Engineering & Corporate Development, Greenidge Generation
Pat Myles
Field Associate, Saxco
Riccardo Renzi
Director of Supply Chain, Stryten Energy
Ben Rigdon
Field Associate, Motus
David Anderson
James Andrews
Larry Appel
Peter Bacon
Jay Baitler
Donald Banker
Rob Baron
Gurminder Bedi
Oliver Bell
Paul Black
Mark Caines
Edward Cettina
George Chappelle
Luther Cochrane
William Corbin
David Critchfield
Daniel Cromie
Thomas Denig
Gregory Gatta
Gary Giles
Michael Goodrich
Ronald Gordon
Richard Gozon
Bobby Griffin
Craig Gunckel
John Haggerty
Kevin Harper
Max Harris
Ramzi Hermiz
Andrea Hogan
Don Huizenga
Giancarlo Iovino
Dale Irwin
Michael Jackson
Henrik Jensen
Sidney Johnson
Richard Kirschner
Ronald Leach
Adam Levy
Kurt Liebich
Timothy Lowe
Stephanie Mains
Paul Meringolo
Debabrata Mukherjee
Doug Murdock
Mike Murphy
Harry Overly
Blake Phillips
Jay Pittas
Al Rice
Doug Robinson
Daniel Rothaupt
Don Schwabe
Peter Sheehan
Gregory Smith
Jamie Tinsley
David Uri
Lynn Utter
Peter Vogel
Michael "Mick" Wallis
Bruce Warren
Ronald Whitaker
Shannon White
Ken Winterhalter

Our Team

Stories from Across Atlas

Going Above and Beyond: Chasta Rauccio

“Seeing an individual like Chasta with a heart to serve getting involved, caring more than just for the job at hand every day, wanting to care for people… and give to the community, a community where she doesn’t even know everyone, that speaks volumes.”Will Hill, Mayor of Louisville, Mississippi