08/24/2021  |  News, ESG

Atlas Field Associate Program Continues to Create Career Paths for Emerging Leaders and a Consistent Talent Pipeline for Atlas and its Global Businesses

Four Atlas Field Associates Promoted to New Roles

GREENWICH, CT – Atlas Holdings announced today that its flagship Atlas Field Associate Program, which has produced exceptional leaders working today across Atlas’ portfolio of global businesses, continues to help Atlas win the War for Talent. Four former Atlas Field Associates, Harrison Cummings, Jason Franklin, Sam Kinsman and Christian Mulvihill, have recently been promoted to new roles within the Atlas Family.

At Atlas Holdings, winning the War for Talent is an essential component of the Atlas Operating System – a cornerstone of Atlas’ approach to building Performance Organizations – businesses that consistently outperform their peers. A key pillar of the War for Talent is the Atlas Field Associate Program, which continues to be a difference-maker in attracting and retaining top talent across the Atlas Family.

“This program was launched as a novel pathway to identify, recruit and develop future leaders for Atlas. With today’s announcement, we are again meeting that mission.  This summer has brought opportunities for advancement for four Atlas Field Associate Program alumni, just like so many who came before them. We are looking forward to their continued career growth and we are gratified that each of these leaders is growing their career within the Atlas Family,” said Atlas Partner Ed Fletcher.

The Atlas Field Associate Program was created in 2011 to achieve two primary objectives:

1) to provide analytical and problem-solving talent to companies across Atlas, supporting our companies’ Leadership Teams in advancing key value creation initiatives; and,

2) to create a “farm team” of future Atlas leaders.

On both scores, the program has proven to be remarkably successful. While Atlas Field Associates take on different scopes of work based on their skill set and the unique needs of a given portfolio company, a key feature of the Atlas Field Associate Program is the opportunity to focus on high-value projects while having direct access to a company’s senior Leadership Team. This model creates the optimum opportunity for personal growth as well as meaningful value creation for the Atlas company. Atlas Field Associates are often engaged in assessing processes that need to be modified or created to drive business improvement and efficiencies, challenging the status quo in order to improve current operations.

Atlas Field Associates come from a broad range of backgrounds and educational disciplines; some with several years of experience, some directly out of school and some from the Atlas Summer Intern Program. These future leaders have been recruited – and retained – as a result of the quality of the early career learning experiences afforded by the Atlas Field Associate Program as well as the unique opportunity to remain with the Atlas Family after their program has concluded, usually after two to three years in the field. To date, nearly 40 individuals have participated in the Atlas Field Associate Program.

On occasion, an Atlas Field Associate will join Atlas’ Greenwich operations as the direct experience at our companies makes these individuals better-informed investors, with an ability to view transactions through the operational lens developed in their Atlas Field Associate experience. Others have been promoted to take on more responsibility at their existing company or a different Atlas portfolio company. Multiple former Atlas Field Associates now serve as senior leaders of an Atlas portfolio company, including as Chief Financial Officer or Vice President of Operations. Harrison Cummings, Jason Franklin, Sam Kinsman and Christian Mulvihill are the latest Atlas Field Associate Program alumni to advance to new roles within the Atlas Family.

Harrison Cummings joined International Wire Group (IWG) in January 2020 and was recently promoted to the newly-created role of General Manager, High Performance Conductors. A mechanical engineer by training, Harrison originally joined IWG as an Atlas Field Associate after being part of the GE Operations Management Leadership Program in manufacturing and operations for General Electric’s Power and Corporate Divisions.

Jason Franklin joined Flagstone Foods as an Atlas Field Associate in December 2019 and was recently tapped to serve as Vice President of Finance at Modumetal, a portfolio company of Atlas Innovate, an affiliate of Atlas Holdings created to invest in disruptive technologies targeting the industrial sector. Modumetal is a global nanotechnology company that developed and commercially deployed a patented nanolamination process to combat the effects of corrosion. In this new role, Jason will lead all finance activities for the company.

Sam Kinsman joined Iconex as an Atlas Field Associate in 2017 after beginning his career at Goldman Sachs and was promoted to Director of Strategic Development at Iconex Europe. For the last 14 months, he served as Vice President of Sales. Now, he’s bringing his experience to his next role with Aludium, another Atlas portfolio company, as Vice President of Strategy and Transformation.

Christian Mulvihill joined Granite Shore Power as an Atlas Field Associate in April 2018 and in August 2020 joined Atlas’ Greenwich operations as an Associate. In August 2021, Christian was recruited to serve in the newly created role of Vice President of Engineering and Development for Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc., an Atlas portfolio company that he had previously supported as an Associate.

“The exciting career trajectories of Harrison, Jason, Sam and Christian are additional examples of the opportunities for rapid personal and professional growth that are created for Atlas Field Associates.  These individuals stamp their advancement credentials by proving themselves to be invaluable members of their Atlas portfolio company Leadership Teams, creating a rich talent pool available to Atlas companies,” said Anthony Lando, Atlas Principal, Talent Management.

About Atlas Holdings

Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut and founded in 2002, Atlas and its affiliates own and operate 23 platform companies which employ approximately 40,000 associates across more than 250 facilities worldwide. Atlas operates in sectors such as aluminum processing, automotive, building materials, capital equipment, construction services, food manufacturing and distribution, packaging, paper, power generation, printing, pulp, supply chain management and wood products. Atlas’ companies together generate approximately $10 billion in revenues annually.