ACR II Granite Shore Power Holdings LLC

ACR II Granite Shore Power Holdings LLC consists of Granite Shore Power and Mesquite Generation.

Granite Shore Power is comprised of five generating assets in New Hampshire.  These facilities include Merrimack Station in Bow, Newington Station in Newington, Schiller Station in Portsmouth and combustion turbines located in Northumberland and Tamworth.

Mesquite Generation is comprised of three generating assets in Texas. These facilities include Twin Oaks Power in Bremond, Bastrop Energy Center in Cedar Creek, and Paris Energy Center in Paris.


  • Bow, NH, USA
  • Bremond, TX, USA
  • Cedar Creek, TX, USA
  • Newington, NH, USA
  • Northumberland, NH, USA
  • Paris, TX, USA
  • Portsmouth, NH, USA
  • Tamworth, NH, USA

Power Generation

Operating Partners:
Al Rice
Daniel Rothaupt
James Andrews