Atlas Field Associate Program

We created the Atlas Field Associate Program in 2011 with two primary objectives:

(1) to provide ‘best in class’ talent to companies to drive forward key value creation initiatives; and,

(2) to create a “farm team” of future leaders.

On both scores, the Program has proven successful. An Atlas Field Associate creates value at an Atlas company by bringing exceptional analytical skills, urgency and a strong work ethic to their company’s team. Atlas Field Associates come from a broad range of backgrounds and educational disciplines; some with a few years of business or banking experience, and some directly out of school; liberal arts majors, engineers and accountants, and former Atlas Interns. These Atlas Field Associates have been recruited – and retained – due to the quality of the learning experience and the unique opportunity to remain with Atlas or an Atlas company after their program has concluded.

The Atlas Field Associate Program has become to be a vital pillar in the Atlas “War for Talent,” helping Atlas portfolio companies secure exceptional talent to drive business growth.